Overbanked in Nairobi

Here in Nairobi, I am have wide choice  of financial services and payments options. At any one moment in time, I have:

  • 2 mobile phones
    • A TECNO Y5S smartphone that holds my Safaricom SIM card (which houses Mpesa)
    • My FERO advanced (because it has internet) feature phone with dual SIM capability. It holds my Equity Bank Equitel SIM and a Bharti Airtel SIM card


  • I also have my Equity Bank debit cardEquity Bank debit card

On any given day, I can access, store funds and make payments from:

  • My bank account with Equity Bank –
    • my debit card and
    • Equitel mobile SIM
    • Online banking
  • Mpesa
    • Mpesa mobile money wallet
    • CBA Bank M Shwari loan service
    • KCB/Mpesa loan service
    • Mycelium Bitcoin  Wallet
    • Screenshot_2016-05-10-00-44-04 (2)Screenshot_2016-05-10-00-59-20 Meh


  1. Read your posts. they are great!
    Advice: i would not use blockchain.info as your wallet for the phone, i recommend Airbitz or electrum(they have removed the mycelium wallet at the google play store/iOS wallet) wallet for your android phone and for desktop: Copay or electrum. As for web wallets dont use them at all(blockchain.info, Coinbase have been hacked and people have lost their bitcoins by storing them there).

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