Pokemon Go in Nairobi with Bitcoin

It’s amazing the things we can do with Bitcoin, the Bitcoin blockchain and open source technology.

This week, I stumbled upon a review on Takara (demo), a treasure hunt Pokemon Go-esque game, that geocaches bitcoin. A location-based augmented reality game.

“The app lets user drop bitcoin tips anywhere in the world however collectors must visit a location where bitcoin has been dropped to pick it up.”


You must have heard of Pokemon Go, the latest internet sensation. This is exactly like it. Instead of running around town looking for Pokemons, you run around looking for buried virtual treasure.

This game works like Easter egg hunting. After downloading the app,  you see a map displaying virtual treasures hidden around the world or where you live. The challenge is to go around to these locations and pick up the items. Treasures (tokens) can be dropped by anyone and clues and riddles can be embedded as a fun twist to the game.


Well, I had fun! I got the app on Apple Store and spotted 3 of them in East Africa. 2 in Nairobi, and 1 in Kigali. 1 happened to be in Westlands (what luck), close enough for a quick drive to pick them up.

Whoever dropped it, left 1000 bits ($ 6 ) worth of Bitcoins, right in the middle of a primary school playing field. Diamond marks the spot. The blue dot is me approaching it.

I have never played Pokemon Go, or Easter egg hunting, but this was a great experience (even at my age). This could well be the future of gaming. Combining the virtual internet which kids are hooked on these days, with out of the house activity hunting for hidden tokens at a park with bible trivia (for example). I can also imagine applications that drive foot traffic to malls, parks or merchant stores in general.

What’s most exciting are the wild possibilities for Kenyan developers. As an open source technology, anyone can pull this off without having to build out a token transfer engine/ledger. It really does come out of the box once it’s on the open source Bitcoin block chain.

Try it out!


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