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My Linkedin profile is a great summary on what I am upto.

This used to be my old blog, until December 2016. I’ve now moved to my new blog on medium. 

It was a part of the  foundation for my current thoughts, opinions and journey.



Who am I?

I am a Co-founder and CEO at Umati Blockchain Ltd., a company enhancing digital financial services in East Africa by bridging the gap between its people and Bitcoin blockchain technology. Umati offers local bitcoin liquidity as an asset class, consults and advises on bitcoin blockchain payments.

As a recognized thought leader on Bitcoin in East Africa, I have been featured on BBC Radio show, CNN, Fast Company and regularly write opinion for the Daily Nation and other publications on the subject.

Prior to Umati, I traded derivatives on Chicago’s Mercantile exchange and most recently, worked with Emerging Futures Lab on human centered design research for East Africa’s informal sector and digital financial services.

From my multidisciplinary academic background and work experience across engineering, accounting, finance, research and design in East Africa’s consumer markets, I am redefining problems outside normal boundaries to reach solutions based on a new understanding of the complex potential of the people of Africa.

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